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change for life
baby bottle campaign 

give change, change lives

As an ongoing fundraiser throughout the year, Crossroads partners with local churches to challenge members to fill up baby bottles with change to support our ministry and to remind people of the needs of the unborn. 

Since the landmark decision of Roe vs. Wade in 1973, the pro-life/pro-choice discussions continue unabated, both in Washington and at the local level. Many people have asked us, "How can I help?" One very easy, but extremely helpful way is to participate in Crossroad's Change for Life Campaign.


What is the Change for Life Campaign? Members of your church or school take a baby bottle and fill it up with coins, bills and/or checks. At the end of the campaign, all bottles (full & empty) are returned to Crossroads. The Baby Bottle Campaign can be a fun service project for the whole family.  Moreover, your participation will make an impact on the lives of the women and families Crossroads serves.

participate in change for life

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